Lock Change

There are a number of reasons why you might be in need of a lock replacement. Whether you’re locked out of your home or business, you’ve lost your keys, you’ve been the unfortunate victim of a burglary, or you need to upgrade your locks to meet the requirements of your insurer, J.A.M Locksmith of Aberdeen can be of service. 

Replacement of all kinds of locks

We can change locks, including every type of door and window lock, to make sure that unauthorised entry is prevented and your home is secure. We can fit high quality, strong and durable locks to keep you safe. Once your locks have been replaced, always make sure that you keep doors and windows closed. 

Professional service across Aberdeen

J.A.M. Locksmith offers professional lock replacement services across Aberdeen for all kinds of locks, be they on doors, windows, vehicles, garages, roller shutters or fire escapes. We can replace damaged and faulty locks on site where required, though we will always attempt to repair locks first as changing broken locks is usually a last resort. What’s more, repairing an existing lock is less likely to cause any damage to the door itself. 

Cylinder rim locks

We can undertake the replacement of cylinder rim (Yale) locks where needed if a repair cannot be achieved. Where your lock is damaged beyond repair, we will look to replace the barrel of the lock, which is less costly than replacing the entire lock. 

Mortice locks

A damaged or faulty mortice lock can also be repaired in most cases. The failure of a mortice lock is usually due to a foreign object being inserted into the lock in order to try and open it. If a burglary has been attempted and the door forced, the bolt may be damaged or bent.  


If your uPVC door is damaged or faulty, try the locking procedure whilst the door is open. If the bolts slide into the locked position whilst the door is open, it may be a case of simply re-aligning the door. In the event that the mechanism, which is often referred to as the multi-point lock, has failed, the door will need to be carefully opened by a professional locksmith and the mechanism replaced. 

If you are in a position where a lock at home, work, or on your vehicle has failed and needs replacing, call  J.A.M. Locksmith of Aberdeen today.